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One question: in the core rules, both vampires and werewolves have a healing power (recover damage not done by silver weapons) but I don't recall seeing it specified for the BoU version of vampires (or anyone else, for that matter). I also don't recall seeing the damage recovery property of the BoU Lich, so perhaps it too differs from the previous 'official' presentation of the Lich in the book of adventures. Are there any corporeal undead in the BoU who are immune to normal weapons, or recover damage quickly?
That's correct, I didn't mention anything about the effects of silver on nosferatu. One could use the same rules for vampires, or conversely one could argue that the reaction to silver is part of the living metabolic process of a vampire and not germane for a nosferatu. I'm fine with GMs handling it either way, and happy to address it officially if there is a revised version of the book.

Liches in Unlife use Drain Strength to reconstitute themselves more rapidly. It's one of the core spells required to attain lich-hood.

Some thanatophiles cannot be permanently killed (e.g., Psychopomp, Dullahan), and the Wendigo recovers all damage upon feeding. Apart from the standard Skeleton immunity to arrows and various other specific immunities (the Manes immunity to fire for one), there aren't a lot of weapons-based limitations or bonuses against corporeal undead in the book.
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