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Default Re: TFT Fan sites - links list?

Originally Posted by Crimson View Post
Hey guys,

I recently got into The Fantasy Trip after DM'ing 5 years of a weekly D&D5e game. As someone coming form more modern games I have to say I love TFT. So much so I have created a Blog that features my discovery of and dive into all things TFT, as well as posts on my own campaign. I plan to do product reviews, interviews with GM's, and features on content creators who are creating stuff both commercially and for home games. TFT has me completely enamored. Cant wait for my Legacy Edition to arrive.

You can find my blog here:
Hi Crimson, welcome to The Fantasy Trip! You have a nice looking blog there. I moved onto TFT in 1980 after becoming frustrated with 1st edition AD&D. I've always considered it a rules lite system that is quick to set up and play and can see that you're starting to discover that. I look forward to seeing more TFT stuff from you.
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