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Default Re: Magical Gadgets versus Magical Gear

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
For example, 'powerstones' are merely Energy Reserve (Magic; Can Be Stolen, Stealth or Trickery, -20%; Slow Recharge, One point per day, -60%) [0.6/level], meaning that a 100 point powerstone costs 60 CP, which is 20 CP less than the Signature Gear cost of a magical item equivalent.
Gadgets (traits with gadget limitations) are only available if the item is "not for sale at any price in the game world." If a powerstone has a cash cost, then you can't have one as a gadget. If it doesn't have a cash cost, then it could only be Signature Gear by building it as a character. There is no price break doing it one way over the other, because the properties of the game world only allow one method.
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