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Default Re: TFT Helper - beta test of app

Quick responses:

Thanks everyone for putting in the time it takes to find these things!

requiredDice is too defined! I'll have to dig into that.

"modern IDEs" sure, but I'm using punch cards. It's just how I learned.

As for the dumb yellow die with white pips, that story is too dull for the Designer's Notes article, so let me tell it here...

The little dice in the adventure were not part of the original design. But as I first played through combat I thought "You need a 10 or less and you rolled a 12" was not very fun or satisfying. We all know that feeling when we miss a roll. Searching for an easy way to make this better I checked for unicode dice faces, and sure enough there was a set (unicode has lots of crazy stuff in it, let me tell you). So all I had to do was 9655+dieRoll and I could put the individual rolls into the narrative! I liked it and it didn't slow combat down like having an animation for each roll. It was easy. It looked great in both emulators, it looked great on iOS. Then I ran it on Android and tasted the rainbow. I didn't know then and don't know now what Android versions/devices do and don't have the non-standard colored dice.

Let's be clear: every unicode reference shows white dice with black pips. But some slack-jawed yahoo at Google decided Android would have colored dice, including the patently useless yellow with white pips.

I don't want to cut the little dice out of combat. The next easiest alternative is to put some little PNGs in there with proper dice. Maybe I could make them a tad bigger and give you choice of colors. But so far there have been more pressing concerns.

So that's my almost-an-apology to the Android folks.
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