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Default Re: Throwing Lots of Knives

Originally Posted by McAllister View Post
So, it's clear that Heroic Thrower would give the first, second and fourth benefits, but the third doesn't really apply. Is there any equivalent in throwing weapons? Should I take a perk that says "Can use Dual-Weapon Attack with thrown weapons using all my arms," and then Heroic Thrower can halve that penalty?

Let me know what you think.
Heroic Thrower would halve the penalty for Dual-Weapon Attack and Rapid Strike, the same as Weapon Master or Trained by a Master. Really, the only reason Heroic Archer doesn't mention Rapid Strike is that Quick-Shooting is essentially a bow-specific variant of the same mechanic.

On the subject of Extra Arms and Dual-Weapon Attack, they will help you even without a perk. Here's the relevant Kromm quote:

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
Eveything is at -4 for using multiple hands at once. You get one master hand and everything else is at -4 for the off hand. Thus, it's -4/-8/-8/-8. Anything worse and Extra Arms wouldn't be worth 10 points/level.

Treat abilities that remove these penalties normally. Those that remove the -4 for multiple hands at once cost the usual amount and remove up to -4, for at best 0/-4/-4/-4. Those that remove the -4 for off hands cost the usual amount and remove up to -4, for at best -4/-4/-4/-4. Getting both can remove all penalties.
Dual-Weapon Attack is normally -4 with the master hand, and -8 with all off-hands. Ambidexterity or Off-Hand Weapon Training removes the extra -4 for the off-hands, leaving you at -4 for all hands. Dual-Weapon Attack (perhaps better named Multi-Weapon Attack) can remove the remaining -4. Weapon Master et al halve the DWA penalty, but not the off-hand penalty; with just WM you'd be at -2/-6.

I have to say, I never considered using Extra Arms to represent superior coordination with the normal number of limbs. It's a pretty cool idea, and as you see can be very effective combined with certain techniques.
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