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Default Re: Demon of crushing rodents with falling soda bottles

Originally Posted by naraht View Post
Does he work for Vapula, Kobal or someone else? (because he just got a tether in my living room.)
Lucifer really will give out any Word, won't he?

As for Superiors... Demon Princes' Reasons for Wanting (or Not Wanting) a Rodent Killed with a Falling Soda Bottle:
  • Alaemon: It saw you. Don't let it escape.
  • Andrealphus: Rats are such a turn-off. Do something about that, will you? But don't make yourself all ickky while you're at it.
  • Asmodeus: No, there was no rule against it. I will ask Lucifer to grant you the appropriate Word.
  • Baal: We cannot risk a Kyriotate using that animal as a host to spy on our battle plans.
  • Beleth: Yes, show the talking monkeys how easy it is to die. And show them just before they go to sleep.
  • Belial: Sorry, but unless that bottle's a Molotov Cocktail, you're going to have to go elsewhere.
  • Fleurity: I suppose you can work under the Demon of Bad Trips ...
  • Furfur: Only &$^*ing wusses use traps! And &$^*ing soda's not &$^*ing good for anything else!
  • Haagenti: Mmmmm ... rodent flatcake and soda.
  • Kobal: Just when it was about to reach the cheese, too!
  • Kronos: Promote the concept of Falling, even with falling bottles. Encourage angels to meet their Fates however you can.
  • Lilith: The rodent is free to die, and you are free to kill it. Don't ask me to kill it for you unless you want to owe me a favor.
  • Magog: Crush it. Now. SLOWLY.
  • Mammon: It might gnaw away at my property. Don't let that happen.
  • Malphas: Do this simple thing for me. Show me that you're worthy of my attention.
  • Nybbas: Meh, it'll fill some time on reality TV.
  • Saminga: It's alive! Why is it alive!? Kill it!
  • Valefor: That's more Rapine than Theft, bub. Get with the times, will you?
  • Vapula: In order to properly assess the destructive potential of this new rodent trap, we need baseline data. Go out there and dispose of rodents in as many different ways as possible, and take notes.
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