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Default Re: [DFRPG] Crawl! OOC

Thanks, Ajardoor.

Bain will shoot a "fire arrow" to reveal the pass. This should provide us with information about the corridor before we advance.

He puts off the fire in the room so the light of the arrow becomes more visible (i.e. not total darkness). He also takes a moment to have the party adapt to the environment as he explains the plan.

At the end of my IC post I entered a question; the plan is rolling observation rolls to gather information in its regard. The others in the party could take 3 perception rolls instead. This means the group has four chances to gather information regarding the question:

Originally Posted by Hide View Post
(...) As the arrow flies, the pass will be revealed… The party strain their eyes against the darkness… what will the arrow tell on its travel?[/I]
*Additionally, Bain will assess his shooting to estimate the distance traveled by the arrow.

And if Erick agrees with the plan regarding his elemental. We send the elemental with the torch, after gathering the results.

Bow 13 (SL 15 +2+2-1-5: acc bonus, aim, fire arrow, darkness).
*Considering the margin of success, the arrow travels properly a 20-50 yd of distance if it does not hit anything first (taking into account a potential bonus from "firing downward" for the longest distance). How long is the corridor? What did it hit?

Since Bain let the party adapt to the darkness, and since we are using a fire arrow, we may have reduced the observation penalty. We can set fire to the room’s sconces after Bain shoots.

Observation 12:

We could also roll some barrels in fire down the slope, are there barrels in here?

Awaiting output.
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