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Default Re: [DFRPG] Crawl! OOC

Originally Posted by ajardoor View Post
(...) (Attack roll; 13. Active Defense; 6.)
Bain tries to shoot one in the back as they flee, but his quarry ducks behind a tree at the last moment.
I would like to add this: "Against an attack that comes from your back hex, you cannot defend at all", B391.

Assuming an AOA double for TURN 9, this is another arrow that hits.
This makes 3 enemies left.

And there is another shot we need to call 3 rolls for, at SL 14 after modifiers (they don't see it coming, BTW).

A hit would make 2 enemies left:

The guy left in front of Vicious and the guy in front of the elementals. There's no one escaping.
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