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Bain approached the boulder and checked its size; using his information and his knowledge in archery (as a proxy for ballistics), he tried to determine from what direction came the boulder. And so, Bain asked himself: How big is it? Does it look like it has been “processed” for its use as a projectile? What lies over there? Could it be Hell’s throat?
The boulder is about the size of 2 fat men curled up together and weighs the same as 10 men. He can't determine what exact direction the boulder came from, he can pick down that it came from the west. The boulder was not carved into its size - it is natural. Hell's Throat is north-east (mostly north) of the Keep.

Bain decides it is time to start moving; he walks to Starhold Keep’s base, with the intention of introducing himself to the soldier’s chief and discuss his mission.
The Keep is governed by a commander, and I doubt he would allow you an audience. At best, you may talk to a sergeant who governs a squad.

Remember, the section on town has rules about gathering information, looking for work, and so on.
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