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Default Re: Noršlond questions

Originally Posted by Magic_Octopus View Post
I figured as much. I'd still like to know if staying in an inn is more expensive than Gestrisni ;)
The default position is that claiming guest-right is a slightly flavorful way of living in town. So if you can claim guest-right, you never need worry that the inns are full. It costs the same: $150 per week, modified by whatever usually modifies your in-town expenses.

However, it makes a brilliant hook for those that wish to use it. Who's the NPC?What gifts of food, supplies, and stuff you present to the person with whom you're staying, you can. If the inns are expensive, perhaps gestrisni saves you money.

It's more or less a fun hook if you want it, otherwise, "claim guestright," pay your weekly fees and say that "of course I didn't pay cash," and maybe spend an extra few hours of downtime a week "shopping for guest-gifts."
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