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Default Re: [Spaceships] How should a large station... duck?

SM+15 battleships are only a couple trillion, so I think you are low balling the production figures. Since the production figures in Spaceships 6 assumes daily rates rather than hourly rates, $3 quadrillion a day (nanofactories multiply by 20) equals 1,500 SM+15 battleships per day. The Star Forge has nothing on the level of production.

One of the odd things about such a station is that it could easily be mistaken as a metallic asteroid rubble pile when it is inactive due to its low density (it is the mass of a large asteroid like Euphrosyne 31). Without any anomalous energy readings, it might be ignored for decades or even centuries, as rubble piles are annoying to deal with, and its true nature might not be visible until someone goes to mine it. Heck, something like that could be floating in the Kuiper Belt and we would not know it until it went active.
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