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Default Re: High Amounts of non penetrating damage. Bullets VS Plate Carriers

Originally Posted by Tomsdad View Post
That seems very precise in terms of RL conversion to GURPS, what are you basing that on?
It's actually just a conversion of RL to RL. Basically, the NIJ standards for armor specify a list of attacks that must fail to penetrate, and also specify a maximum amount of backspace deformation by listed attacks. The maximum appears to be 44mm, which is actually quite a bit; enough that a point of non-penetrating damage seems reasonable (this is actually a sort of reasonable general rule -- since the backface standards are consistent, just assume any attack that barely fails to penetrate does 1 point of blunt trauma, and ignore the existing rules for nonrigid armor).

However, level IV armor is rated to stop 7.62mm AP, and while there are no specific standards for resistance to weaker threats other than they also have to not get through, there's not really a plausible design for plates that suffers the same deformation against 5.56mm as it would against 7.62.
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