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Default Re: Report To The Stakeholders

Instead of a single roll and move, why not a Backgammon-esque system. Split your roll between your team, or make movement an aspect of the superpower system (and take out the dice).

Originally Posted by xlyce
Two comments on these ideas for a SJG board game.

1) Please, not a roll and move (Talisman, Monopoly etc). It will not sell except to SJG faithful (well except me). Instead they should go more towards a game with tough decisions like rpgs contain. How about something using secret bidding to determine if you get a superpower. Winners trade in hero points to improve their skills and everyone keeps half of their points. After each round of bidding they would improve their characters with the highest bidder getting first pick and going down from there.

The players would then do a task, not sure how they would be given them though.
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