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Default Re: DreadStormers (OOC)

Randall Valford

Daymar "Day" Konic

Hua Cheung
Pacifica del cid

Character Creation:

Characters are built on 380 points:
  • 250 points should be spent on building a hero suitable for an action campaign: no exotic traits, though cinematic ones are welcome.
  • 100 points should be spent on psionic powers, talents, and skills. Psionic powers do not need to be built from the Psionic Powers book. They do need a skill to use, and power stunts are available. Powers should be limited to one or two categories. We are using the rule "Alternative Abilities".
  • 20 points should be spent on learning languages and skills needed to get the jobs on board the Zorbani Ship. Stuff like (navigation (hyperspace)), Mechanic (Stardrive)) , and soldier (Zorbani Navy).
  • 10 points of "Flavor". You don't have to spend these points, but they are for things you think your character would have that aren't relevant to his job. Current Affairs, Games, Musical skills, Sport, Connisuer, Area Knowledge and Hobby Skills are especially appropriate.
  • Character's rank, wealth, legal enforcement powers, Patron, and status are free and should be pretty much irrelevant to the game. You're under cover behind enemy lines, and dreadstormer commanders are named on a mission to mission basis.

Disadvantages add points the the 250 point "Action Hero" pool. There is not disadvantage limit, but the character should be functional.

Each character should have listed what world in the fifth spinward republic they are from, and perhaps what that world is like. Remember we're TL10^ safetech. Intelligent aliens exist, but are not valid characters due to the undercover requirement. I welcome you to interact with the setting during character building and make suggestions for elements to add. It should also list what block the character will be associated with on the Nightfall (see post 4).

To encourage and enable psychokinesis as a power in a setting with guns we are using the following alternate costs:
  • DR costs [1/level]
  • TK costs [2/level]
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