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Default DreadStormers (OOC)

Ever since the Carnage of the Great War 150 years ago, the Fifth Spinward Republic and the Malu empire have avoided direct conflict, in favor of proxy battles. One such conflict is the Zorbani-Jakorbi War. A particularly brutal war, the worlds of the Zorbani pact seek to conquer Jakorbi, subjugate its people, and eradicate its culture.

Unable to enter the conflict fully for fear of triggering a second grand conflict with the Malu Empire, The Fifth spinward republic has sent a handful of covert psionic operatives to aid the Jakorbi. Of note is are the elite DreadStormers, who specialize in seizing enemy battleships from within.

You are the Dreadstormers. Republican agents have already secured you berthings on the Zorbani battleship Nightfall as enlisted crew. With nothing more than the Zorbani issued to every spacer, your training, and your psionic powers, you must overcome your 2000 ship mates and capture the Nightfall. Destroying it will not be enough. It is needed to turn the tide of the battle.

The fate of 4 billion people across 12 Jakorbi worlds lies in your capable hands. Do not let them perish.

I'm looking for two to six players. This game is a combination of Action, Space Opera, and Special Ops. PC's will be members of the psionically gifted Dreadstormers, trained to take over enemy warships from within. The game will focus on a single mission to take over an Enemy Dreadnaught.

The Term "DreadStormers" refers to those who take dreadnaughts by storm, though I suspect you'll need a little more subtly than a direct assault.
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