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Default Re: Celebrating my campaign's 200th session!

Originally Posted by EarthStone View Post
Anyone else got any long running campaigns and how do you celebrate the milestones?
My current one has run for the greater part of 2 years, with the same players we started out with. The session count is not that high, since it's biweekly and long sessions, but I think we have about 50 sessions. Milestones are measured in plot conclusion and are celebrated with CP (we play GURPS). Last session the reward was double CP. People were happy. :)

Originally Posted by Emerald Vagrant View Post
I have a D&D(ish) 3.X campaign that is about to complete it's 70th monthly session. Characters started at 2nd level, and now are 19th. The characters went from "we're powerless and screwed" to "we can protect ourselves but how do we save the world from being screwed" to "we're ready - the bad guy is scewed!".

Been a long, fun road.

Oooh fast progression... Well, not really, but it reminds me of a campaign I ran once in AD&D 2nd edition. After the 60th session, it occurred to me that I was handing out too little xp since the PC's were still only level 6-7. It ran only about 80 sessions total, sadly. Never finished.
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