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Default Re: Dresden Files-style Red Court Half-Vampire

Originally Posted by Gold & Appel Inc
Can you answer the questions in my post from last August? I still haven't read/watched the series (I know, I know, people recommend it).
Watching the TV series won't cover this. This is one of those things that got simplified in the book to small-screen process. You'd need to go to the original books.

As to the limits of the enhanced physical abilities, no I can't really nail it down but they are probably in the same range as a full vampire for a limited period of time.

Later in the series a White Court vampire (Incubus/Sex Vampire who is fairly similar in being mostly human most of the time) killed a Black Court (think full Transylvanian Nosferatu) with his bare hands but only by using a great deal of stored energy.

I'd doubt that a half-Red had the same degree of energy reserves but they would get to act at the "basic supernatural/Slayer-like" level while they did.

Incidentally you might give the half-Red an Energy Reserve representing their vampire powers with serious side effects when tapped as one way of doing this.
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