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Default Re: Arm Lock from a Grapple and Defense [Martial Arts]

Originally Posted by Plane View Post
If someone kicks you from an adjacent hex (reach 1) and you use Grabbing Parry to grapple their foot, presumably you need to take a Step into range C (same hex) to use your free hand to establish the arm lock on either arm?
Yes. Though most folks might just manipulate the leg/foot, which you can do from Reach 1 unless/until they hop closer. Many techniques I've learned actually involve purposefully stepping backwards to induce a takedown, or first performing a joint lock on the ankle, rotating the foe over to face down, and then doing a takedown and leg grapple/pain compliance technique. It's one of the more effective "oh, I see your kicking style has never been countered with leg grapples!" instant punishments I've seen.

I know you can already use Arm Lock on the turn immediately after a successful parry, but this would be an issue if you didn't immediately want to apply an Arm Lock (do something else) but maintained the grapple until you chose to.
You can certainly maintain the foot grapple at Reach 1, as noted, and it's up to the foe to close in most cases. If you want to grapple something else, you'll need to step in to C.
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