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Originally Posted by obatron View Post
Nobleknight shows 1e and 2e for sale, but the covers look the same...I haven't looked to see what the covers should it could be in error unless the covers are the same...
1e and 2e did use the same cover (a very good one I might add). 1e was for GURPS 2e and 2e was for GURPS 3e. 1e was 96 pages and included some psionics rules (telepathy for one); 2e was 128 oages and omitted the psionics chapter (since the 3e Basic Set already had one). I think both had similar bestiaries and each also had "generic" firearms tables for TL5-7. 2e had a full chapter on the Cabal, which 1e didn't. And 1e had a sample adventure and 2e didn't. And that's about all I remember of 1e vs 2e ;)
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