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Thanks for the feedback.

Originally Posted by phiwum View Post
Pretty reasonable additions. I don't think any other spells allow multihex control, do they? That's pretty powerful.
The multihex control spells are powerful, but, w/the individual saves, they are not overly so. For comparison, in the sort-of-TFT-compatible Magi Carta there is an IQ 15 Control Undead spell that lets you take over 10d's worth of ST of undead (so that's an average of 35 ST, which is probably 3 or 4 zombies or skeletons).

Control Elemental is IQ 13, Create/Destroy elemental is 16. You have Control Zombie as IQ 11, while Zombie is IQ 19. That lets pipsqueaks take over zombies, but at a running ST cost, and the save roll is easy since master's IQ is at least 19 so the save roll is at least ST/2 + 9.5.
I'm putting the basic spell on the level of Control Animal with the rationale that these undead menaces are mindless. Control Animal gives no save roll to the target, but I gave the undead one because--well, they're cool and you don't want to make it too easy. But the save roll could instead be a quick-contest of zombie ST v wizard's IQ for uncontrolled zombies, and just wizards' IQs for controlled ones. Or, to make these more like other control spells, the save roll could be dropped altogether unless the commands are to have the zombies harm themselves or their master. If that's the case, I'd bump up the IQ requirement.
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