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Default Re: Exotic Governmental/Legal Systems

Reality-tv-style antielections, in which every year the community member with the most votes (that is, the person the community deems most annoying) is exiled with nothing more than they can carry or killed. Election tallies are public so that people in 2nd and 3rd place are on notice to reform their behavior or leave voluntarily before the next annual election. An ancient Greek thing.

A presidential system similar the USA's but the Supreme Court chooses its own successors (and frequently chooses its own children). Dreamed up originally as the sort of government that could be constructed in a post-collapse Saudi Arabia that the Saudis and their Wahhabi supporters could live with.

Weighted democracy in which a citizen's votes are 1 + mod log (aggregate lifetime taxes paid/arbitrary divisor). Thanks, Nigel Findley. The very wealthy who have 4 to 6 votes are so few in number that they can be safely discounted as insignificant; what actually happens here (assuming the divisor is calibrated correctly) is that some people have 1 vote and some people have 2 votes. An ordinary working class person will get their second vote around retirement age. The nonworking never get a second vote. Engineers, doctors and other highly paid professionals get their second vote around age 30, and perhaps a third vote around retirement age (all assuming tax and economic structures comparable to the modern developed world). No one is without a vote, but the voting is intentionally skewed to both the elderly and the more productive members of society.
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