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Default Re: Sources for a Pulp-Sci-Fi Game

Originally Posted by PTTG View Post
Same goes for civilian and espionage at sea and in the air.

I realize this is kind of a niche genre (sarcasm), but what's the best, most authentic stuff?
As others have said, there is not a whole lot of espionage at sea or on the air (beyond the odd trawler with a surprisingly expensive radio set and habit of drifting into shipping lanes), but you could look into the various crazy people's theories that Amelia Earhart was spying on the Japanese mandates when she disappeared. There was also a case in WW II where a German merchant ship moored in Portugese Goa was transmitting information from spies in the Raj to the Reich. This lead to what Lindybeige calls the last charge of the Calcutta Light Horse: the British sent in some middle-aged militia officers to storm the ship, smash the radio, and scuttle the ship. Sinkings of Allied shipping in the Indian Ocean dropped dramatically, and the Portugese did not accuse the British of violating their neutrality in public.

Sea and air tend to be more about carrying information, goods, and people and maybe the occasional act of sabotage like whatever was happening in the Persian Gulf a few years ago. I guess sea and air vehicles can carry sensors which the government or the people surveilled do not know about.
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