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Default Re: The Whip is just wrong

Originally Posted by larsdangly View Post
I think this is another purely 'white room' problem. Does anyone here have a real, at-the-table, case where a whip fighter achieved some kind of unreasonable seeming advantage? I feel like I could easily come up with fighters and wizards who would nuke a fighter with a whip.
Yes, I have a whip-wielder in one of my current groups. She is able to strike at targets without fear of hitting her intervening companions, which nobody else can do. She has been able to disable and disarm foes with successful aimed shots, and even killed a wounded nasty with a standard whip hit. This all strikes me as totally unrealistic. But the players find it incredibly fun. Still, I think nerfing the damage and intervening figures rule is in order. I'm no expert on whips, but it might be worth thinking about also require wielders to need open space behind them in line with the direction of their attack, so that someone can't be up against a wall and whipping targets several hexes away.
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