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Default Re: Patron limitation: Long response time

GURPS Boardroom and Curia has rules for reaction time, and also for defining an organization's value as a Patron. But it doesn't appear that things that affect reaction speed have any impact on the base value of a Patron.

If you want substantial differences, I'd look at it this way: if you have availability of 15 or less, that's a mean of 1.049 days (or whatever your base interval is) to to get a problem dealt with. A 12 or less is 1.35 days. So going to 12 or less increases your response time by 28.75%. Similarly, 9 or less adds 154%, and 6 or less adds 930%.

Or if you start out at 12 or less, going to 9 or less adds 97.5%, and 6 or less adds 700%. And if you start out at 9 or less, going to 6 or less adds 305%.

So that's one way to handle it.

Another way would be to use the Minimal Intervention modifier (-50%), but instead of using the standard reaction modifier, use the reaction-time table on p. 16 of Boardroom and Curia. That gives you an average of 12 or 16 hours to respond. You will get the help you ask for, but you won't get it instantly!
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