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Default Re: Patron limitation: Long response time

Originally Posted by Anders View Post
If I want the Patron advantage to reflect this and have, perhaps, a week's response time - what kind of limitation would that be?
I agree with Donny_Brook here that this is worth about as much as Minimal Intervention. I'd say it should still be its own limitation, though, since you really should be able to combine this and Minimal Intervention.

Originally Posted by Anders
Or should I just go with a low frequency of appearance and allow one try per week?
I wouldn't, because that doesn't really represent what you're trying for, I don't think. A failed appearance roll usually means a response of "sorry, I can't help you right now", but the PC knows that's the response. This is more a matter of having to plan a week or so ahead for anything you want, but it's possible for the help, once it does arrive, to arrive reliably.

Originally Posted by Anders
Edit: Also would you allow skills to work as Complementary skills for appearance rolls?
That's pretty much what Pulling Rank does - its assistance rolls are pretty much calculated from frequency of appearance numbers, treating the organization the character has Rank in as a Patron. And Pulling Rank lets you make complementary rolls, using Administration for organizations, Leadership if you're the leader of a team, and so forth.
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