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Default Re: Warp Limitation: Minimum Distance

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
As a GM winging it, I'd likely allow the 5% per -1 only if there were additional limitations that prevent effectively warping within minimum range by means of a double warp. Actually, I'd probably require that regardless.
Eh, I don't think the possibility of a double Warp is really all that problematic. The character either needs to do two Warps in a single second (which causes some serious penalties) or needs to wait (to Concentrate and build up bonuses), Warp to the first location, wait again, then Warp back to near the first location, with both Warps taking at least the penalty given by the Limitation. If you've got Minimum Distance: 1 mile (-20%), then you have to make two Warps - one at -4 (1 mile), the other at -5 (more than 1 mile, less than 5 miles) - in order to travel 100 yards, which a character with unmodified Warp needs only a single Warp at -2 to pull off. I'd say you're still suffering for your Limitation in that case.

Otherwise, each time the character Warps there's a 1 mile radius around his initial location that he loses the ability to Warp to until some sort of cooldown timer resets, and that's probably going to be a bit hairy in play.
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