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Default Re: Request for Fantasy Feifs

A very nice start! Here's a few more I've come up with:

Among an old and swampy bayou, an ancient family of forest spirits guard the land. They welcome humans, provided that they shed their forms and take on animal shapes. There are some thousands of people here, but hidden as the wildlife. Only on a full moon do they return to human forms for a night of revelry, worship, and ceremony.

Seastead: Elsewhere, a magnificent city floats on the seas. It is home to those who set aside their ties to land and its civilizations, and they have found a way to synthesize magic and technology quite effectively. But the ocean has powerful gods, and many of them. They only are preserved against the ravages of the sea thanks to frequent offerings to their patrons, namely: human sacrifices. But don't worry; they have fascinating new ideas about how to address this, like cloning.
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