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Default DFRPG Game Aids: Files

I do most of my gaming online, and have found that having shared character sheets that can be updated in real time by GM and player is the best way to keep character in sync. So, I've been using Google Sheets for my characters for awhile.

I've finally created my version of the DFRPG Character Sheet. Here it is for anyone that is interested. I've "tested" it with one of the sample characters, and the math turned out right.

Note that if a character as Striking ST or Lifting ST, then this needs to be added to the hidden columns on sheet 1 to correctly calculate the BL and Damage (ignore the cost on these as they are not used for character point cost. It's just a relic of an older sheet that I don't want to get rid of yet).

And here is the DFRPG sample character (from the Adventurer's Book):
Grükuk Kzaash
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