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Originally Posted by offsides View Post
However, this also raises the question (which may have been answered before) of what happens when an Ogre rams a GEV-PC carrying INF? Do the INF jump off and survive? Are they reduced? Or do they get crushed along with the GEV-PC?
One easy out is "green map rules", at least as a rules starting point.

However, that might change the balance of the scenario. Qualitatively it balances out maybe. I'll have to play. So many scenarios involve crushing your enemy and reaping the rewards. Gauntlet isn't that.

Green map rules would let INF fence off the ogre; overrunning a 3INF will cost a healthy ogre 2 treads amortized (or 2 AP guns or ...). The 3INF will be off the table, so won't be shadowing the ogre for the rest of the game. The effect on a wounded ogre, especially one short of guns, is more pronounced. An ogre with few treads and few guns is taking a bigger gamble in an overrun, so a stacked INF fence may be insurmountable.

Maybe "green map rules" , stack limit of 1, except for GEV-PCs. I need to play some games to get an opinion if that's even needed.
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