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Default Re: [Basic] Disadvantage of the Week: Split Personality

I've used it on a few NPCs... but then I also made the 'personality swaps' controlled by the narrative. Which 'personality' did I require in charge at any given time.

One was a blandish "good" NPC vs "not-so-good" NPC switching, in other words the NPC didn't swap full personalities, just 'natures', from being very outgoing and helpful, to very (inappropriately) friendly, to withdrawn/unstable, to taciturn and vengeful.

The other was mind-controlled/rewritten and had a "helpful to the PCs personality and a "malevolent to the PCs" personality which took over at every chance it could and did things to hamper the PCs. Eventually the "good" personality fessed up, thinking it was suffering from a possession... well, the PCs cured the NPC of the split personality at which point it was the original "doesn't like the PCs" personality in charge and the sabotage continued...
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