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Default Re: RPM Rituals: Official, Semi-, Quasi- and Un-official

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
Here is the forum thread where I found it.

If Raekai is reading this, thanks, and I wonder if you ever did any more conversion work from GURPS Magic or other sources.
Y'all are very welcome!

As my signature says, I've pretty much abandoned the project. It's definitely worth another look if I can find both (a) the time and (b) a rekindled interest in RPM. (Though, knowing that the community would still be interested in something like this makes me want to bust out all of my old RPM notes right now!) Typically, my players prefer systems like Sorcery and Psionic Powers, so my attention has gone in that direction over the past—*looks at thread date*—four years. Wow, time has flown.

I'm honestly just glad to see that the link still works. I move stuff around in my OneDrive so often, but I try to not break stuff that I've linked to the forums.
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