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Can a ST 4 Halfling do a 1d two handed throw of a club?
RAW, I see no rules against it... 1d, even better than daggers at 1d-1. Trade-off is clubs weigh at least 3 pounds each, so a supply of them starts to be slightly significant for encumbrance with someone at ST 4.

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BTW: Wait until the victim has acted and summon an illusion of a wolf behind them. The wolf engages the victim in HTH combat which has no disbelieve option.
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Hmmm. The Wolf Illusion can't do anything the turn it is created. And next turn..... who knows.....
Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
Wolf is at +4DX for a taking the victim from the rear so will act before the victim can disbelieve.
Turn 1:
Victim moves away and turns his back to wizard.
Wizard summons wolf.

Turn 2:
Victim can turn around during movement if he wants to be able to respond to the sounds of spellcasting behind him. In TFT, he could even run away at full MA and end movement facing back the way he came, but can only disbelieve (during the action phase) if he moved 1 or less. If he's close enough and depending on terrain and facing, the wolf might or might not have enough MA to initiate HTH even from the rear during movement this turn - the wolf can attempt it from the front unless the victim has as much MA as the wolf somehow (who goes first would be based on adj DX).

So it seems to me it depends on various things. If the victim just runs and faces away long enough for the wolf to get him in HTH, then yeah he will likely get no chance to disbelieve. It really depends on who wins initiative, the map and the victim's adjDX whether he'll get a chance to disbelieve if the victim tries to move one and disbelieve before the wolf gets to try to initiate HTH first (the result of that could give the victim a chance to disbelieve). It may also become vital to know whether you can disbelieve without a line of sight or not.
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