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Originally Posted by The Wyzard View Post
... The question I would ask myself is whether such a move would give the player an *advantage* in any sense; that is, are there situations where a club is better than a mace? Because I'm less likely to allow such a dodge if clubs aren't strictly worse.
Just a mace, or all Ax/Mace weapons?

Clubs beat maces when you have enough ST, since for some reason normal weapons don't scale with ST (in RAW) but clubs do. The break even point is ST 13 (or ST 11 if you have a 2-handed club and a mace but no shield) if you think 1d+2 is close enough to 2d-1 (small axes are ST 11 1d+2 too), or ST 15 (13 comparing 2-handed w. no shield) if you need 1d+3 to deem it better than 2d-1. ST 17 will do 1d+4 (1d+5 2-hdd).

Other advantages of a club are that it costs nothing, can weigh 3 lbs less than a mace, it has no listed minimum ST, and that you can improvise a club from ordinary objects (with the brawling talent, you can claim to be able to make a club out of any piece of broken furniture).
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