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Default Re: [Basic, Martial Arts] Default techniques for a defaulted skill?

Originally Posted by Curmudgeon View Post
I'm a bit dubious about your example. Yes, Guns (Rifle) defaults to Guns (Pistol)-2, but only if both fire the same ammunition, have the same action and use the same grip, none of which is likely to be true.
Those are all familiarity penalties. The character in the example is thoroughly familiar with rifles, it's just that the abstractions of the GURPS Guns skill make it most efficient to stack all your Guns points into something that has good defaults to the other weapons you're likely to use. And Pistol is the one that's hardest to get bonuses for.
I don't have the write-up for Precision Aiming, but 6- sounds fair enough that I'd probably call it something you could try "straight out of the box." Other GMs might rule differently, however.
The Precision Aiming technique is actually in High-Tech, pp 84 and 251, which you may have. Many people don't notice it there, so it was reprinted in Tactical Shooting and Gun-Fu.
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