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Default [Basic, Martial Arts] Default techniques for a defaulted skill?

If you have a defaulted skill, with no points spent on it, can you use techniques of that skill at their defaults? Obviously, you can't improve those techniques without buying the skill, but are they usable at their default level?

The case where I noticed this is a character with Guns (Pistol) at 18 (DX+5), and Guns (Rifle) defaulted to that, at 16 (DX+3). His IQ-based Guns (Rifle) would be 19 (IQ+3), which would give a useful default in Precision Aiming (Rifle) of 13, if that default exists at all.

Basic Set p.229-30 isn't clear on this point as far as I can see, and nor is Martial Arts p63-64. Does this fall under the no double defaults rule?
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