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Default Re: Create Food and it's effect on infrastructure

Originally Posted by Michele View Post
So this goes into GURPS Realm Management territory...
It's kind of fitting that book came out while I was thinking about this XD

Originally Posted by Michele View Post
If you're on a tropical island and you can make food out of nothing, and there are no other tribes bothering you, why should you try and work stones, in order to create weapons, since you don't need hunting weapons or agricultural implements to start with? Why should you make a canoe flotilla? That sloooows down progress. To the point of stopping it.
Hmm, that was one thing I was thinking about. There is the whole 'necessity breeds invention', so I might have to figure out what pressures to put into place to cause certain forms of progress.

As for the whole slave labor thing, I'm not even quite sure how to put my thoughts into what I think of that.
Originally Posted by cosmicfish View Post
While I do not think that GURPS is perfect I do think that it is more balanced than what I am likely to create by GM fiat.
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