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Default Re: Probable Typo in new rules PDF.

Hey Jim,

Thank you for these questions. Collecting answers has taken time, so I appreciate your patience. Here is what I know and can share with you.

Box Content Questions
o One of the previously-uploaded rules files was an old, incorrect version, and the listed contents were incorrect. New updates have been sent for all rules files via BackerKit.
Barrel Tokens
o The terrain icon is an error on the barrel tokens. We are looking into fixing it if possible, but it may be too late. Fortunately, it does not impact gameplay (other than being a bit confusing). It has also been added to our errata list.
# of tokens on a Die Cut Sheet
o The barrels were a late addition to the game. At the time, there was a reason for the limited quantity, but we redesigned them to be more flexible. Unfortunately, modifying the die to add more at that point was prohibitively expensive.
Barriers & Walls?
o In this case, "barrier" is a casual description of an obstacle, just as a player would say "building" or "barrel." Everything in the arena is an obstacle, and if the obstacle is not a car, the icons (or the players) dictate how it works, regardless of what the obstacle is called.

I hope this helps answer your questions!

Thank you,

Darryll Silva

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