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Default Re: Which weapons may be Fine Weapons?

Originally Posted by JustAnotherJarhead View Post
i think of a foil as a thrusting only weapon, or an epee'
Quite so -- I was mentioning it merely as something thin enough to hide within a staff or cane, not proposing it as an addition to "cutting" weapons.

Originally Posted by larsdangly View Post
I agree. If you haven't handled one, the historical rapier is a surprisingly serious object that likely deserves a higher damage stat and ST requirement. My house rules introduce the 'side sword', a ST 11, 2d-1 sword that can be used with the Fencing talent; this is effectively the equivalent of a historical rapier.
For fencing before the Fencing talent existed, we house ruled "Fencing Swords" as a sub-class of swords all to itself, moving the rapier and main-gauche to that sub-class and adding the epee, foil, and saber (which at ST 11 was the heaviest of the class and did 1+2). A fighter using a Fencing Sword could use that weapon twice per turn: 2 attacks, 2 parries, or one of each in either order. (But 2 fencing actions per turn was at -3DX to each; if you took the first action at full DX then you weren't allowed the second one, so you had to think hard in some situations.) I still prefer those house rules, as they made for exciting duels consisting of ripostes and counter-ripostes.

We allowed our saber to come in the fine version, and combined with our fencing rules that became a very desireable weapon indeed, so much so my all-time best fighter "downgraded" to that late in his career even though his ST allowed him heavier weapons.
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