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Default Magical Gadgets versus Magical Gear

One of the standard conversions of GURPS is that 25 energy points are equal to 1 CP for the purpose of purchasing magical gear as Signature Gear, meaning that magical items tend to be very expensive. However, many of the magical items in existence could be purchased as magical gadgets instead, often for much cheaper than their magical item equivalents. They also work better than standard magical items for many of the non-standard magical systems.

In my games, magical items do not exist, they are replaced with magical gadgets. For example, 'powerstones' are merely Energy Reserve (Magic; Can Be Stolen, Stealth or Trickery, -20%; Slow Recharge, One point per day, -60%) [0.6/level], meaning that a 100 point powerstone costs 60 CP, which is 20 CP less than the Signature Gear cost of a magical item equivalent. Enchant becomes the spell required to create magical gadgets while various enchantment spells allow the modification of existing magical gadgets.

So, which do you prefer, magical gadgets or magical items? If you prefer magical gadgets to magical items, why? What are the advantages that you have found with using magical gadgets over magical items?
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