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Default Re: Multiplayer Fridays

Another thought here; personally I don't like Steam. I never have. I don't want people seeing what games I have, how long I've played them and everything else. I miss buying a CD in a box at the local computer store, bringing it home, installing, and, if it was a good reputable company, you could launch it without patching it.

Multiplayer was built into the game, or there were sites like the old MS Gaming Zone that could facilitate multiplayer games without a Steam like piece of software controlling or keeping tabs on your gaming software and activity. I think that might be a factor, though I don't know for sure.

Steam, GOG and others have the advantage in that they cut down on piracy by keeping track of who bought what, and making the software more readily available and cheaper, but it's like it's at the cost of fewer MP games.

So, whatever the cure it brings in a large player base.
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