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Default Re: [Sorcery] Doctor Strange (2017 movie) Mystic Arts

Originally Posted by Seneschal View Post
I'm just going though Super-Sorcery and, woah, Mystic Buckler is basically perfect for the Mandalas!
I wrote Super-Sorcery! shortly after seeing Doctor Strange myself, and "How can I make sure this system can emulate the movie?" was definitely in my mind. :-)

Originally Posted by Seneschal
I sure am glad the editor asked for another spell to fill the page. ;)
Actually, it was Gateway of Worlds that got added, not Mystic Buckler - they're just alphabetized.

Originally Posted by Seneschal
The fact that they break seems to be more due to Strange's noobness (the Ancient One's never break), so maybe she has a variant without Ablative.
Alternatively, Strange could have been using extra effort to push his shields up to a level where they're actually useful against the stuff the Zealots were throwing around, and his shields flickering and going out could be a visual depiction of him running out of fatigue to power the boost.

Originally Posted by Seneschal
EDIT: A question: why does the buckler require Force Field? I thought that was for "whole body DR." Or is the enhancement just "protects against Contact Agent" since default DR seems to be "on" the body, although it isn't skin.
DR without Tough Skin does protect against Contact Agents, actually. However, DR without Force Field doesn't protect your gear, or your eyes. Since the shields in Doctor Strange definitely covered gear and such, I felt Force Field was appropriate.
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