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Default Re: Contact-Range Explosions

Originally Posted by RedDragon View Post
That leaves a couple of questions: Are you hurt by your own attack, if it's close enough for the explosion to damage you (e.g. touch-range)? Can you apply Explosion to a Cone attack, and would that enable you not to take damage? Or would it make more sense to apply the Explosion Enhancement to unarmed damage? Is that even RAW? On a broader scale, can you be hurt by your own Innate Attacks?
Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
I might go the route of building the Explosive power normally and giving the PC Immunity To Own Explosives [10].
Originally Posted by mlangsdorf View Post
You can't be Resistant to damage, even your own (Powers p 72).

Unless you have a cite somewhere. I checked Basic, Powers, and Supers but couldn't find anything for immunity to your own powers even though it's a common super-hero trope.
GURPS Zombies (p. 54) thinks its possible. It's got a caveat though: DR cannot protect against it, but it must allow a resistance roll. That screams maledictions. Since the build is maledictive in nature then you could buy immunity to this attack that way.

Another way to do this is to use Injury Tolerance (Damage Reduction) (Accessibility, Own attack only, -80%; Cosmic, Rounds down, +50%) or perhaps a variation Cosmic that makes you immune to the effects of your attack only. Perhaps around +100% - you're effectively adding a linked DR to your attack so that whatever damage it deals/you roll is adds an equal amount of DR to resist it.
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