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Default Re: [supers] Tactile Telekinesis?

Originally Posted by vitruvian View Post
Sure, but if you do it by buying actual TK in GURPS, then you have to deal with constantly using Concentrate, needing Compartmentalized Mind if you also want to take physical actions, all that stuff. External ST or even Super-ST is a cleaner build, and comparable in expense if you can cover it 'actually' being tactile telekinesis with a few Perks rather than bumping the cost up by +50%.

Alternatively, I suppose you could come up with a custom enhancement for TK making it usable as a 'physical' action not requiring Concentrate, maybe another use of Cosmic, which could then be combined with Melee.
Fair point, I had forgot about the concentrate maneuver; I have tried some different builds w/ and w/o CM and some other ad hoc enhancements and it mostly adds up to around the same without some serious munchkining. While fun to build as TK, ST is definitely cleaner.
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