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Originally Posted by Not another shrubbery View Post
Is Normal a spoof or satire of something?
It's actually a pretty standard example of a quite a large television show genre. Smallville, Eureka, Eerie Indiana, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Haven, Vampire Diaries and so forth. It's just that this particular weird little town's lead characters would be a group of changelings and their friends. Me, I always figured that "Eerie" was a little on the nose and preferred the name "Normal" for such a place (and there is in fact a city named "Normal")

LitD... sort of a BPRD on the other side of the fence, but with less allegiance to their patrons?
Well their official patrons.

The last one is kinda funny... it makes me think of a riff on that Maid RPG.
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