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I'd have accepted that pollution, ecological concerns and dwindling fossil fuel reserves moved society to an electric vehicle before society broke down and so by the time it all went wrong there were hardly any gas vehicles in circulation anyway.
Heck -- look where "electric" cars are right now. Range is *better* than what was predicted for 2035 (upwards of 300 miles at 65MPH, rather than 200 mi. at 55). Top speeds and acceleration are comparable, if not superior, to "old-fashioned" gasburners. And folks are working out how to make fuel, rather than trying to dig it up. (One of the many reasons I really wish I'd known more about BBSes in the '80s: I knew about this stuff in high school; had I been able to demonstrate how much I knew, the _CW_-verse might have turned out *very* differently.)
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