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Default Re: DreadStormers (OOC)

What skill and how much time would I need to wire the computer for data transfer? [Quote]
The relevant skill is electronics repair (computer). Each computer involved in the transfer will take 5 minutes to connect to the wires. Then you have to either tap into a wire that runs between the two computers, or run a physical wire. You were looking into doing something very similar when you wanted to get officer access to your personal terminal.

Can others over the network tell his computer has been manipulated or do they have to check his terminal to find it out?
They would have to check the wiring at an effected location.

Also, is it obvious? Sometimes it is not obvious because all the wires look the same but I wonder as well if his computer is going to lose access to other files and so on.
once the wires have been changed, its not obvious. The process of changing them is pretty obvious. If you run a physical wire rather than tapping into existing ones, that's very obvious.


I would like more details about the “girl from Korvi”:

Who is she?
Where is she?
Who is her buddy?
Lets see...
She's a navigator in the shift immediately after Pacifica's. She sleeps in a neighboring bunk room to Pacifica. She has the stated ambition to one day navigate for a smaller craft in the Zorbani navy. Right now she should be in bed, but will be waking in about two hours. She says most of her buddy infractions are the result of romantic liasons with other crew members. Her buddy is another navigator, on the same schedule, named Vutha Nochuju. Vutha is from Korjakor, the planet with Pooka-Pookas (as well as Sakor beasts and Korjakor Dragons, but the Pooka Pooka always seem to be the one that come up).
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