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Originally Posted by Axly Suregrip View Post
Hi Phiwum,
Sounds like you are looking to have a small group of NPC fighters where most will be beginning fighters.

Some design points:

Fighting gargoyles leads to HTH so armor is good and DX not so much (since the +4 DX in HTH). Also fine daggers will help in HTH, and having the dagger ready would be good too.

Also they should try to outnumber the gargoyles so that some can attack from outside of HTH into the pile. This would mean missile weapons are out, mostly. Also means the melee weapon is best to do high damage to deal with the armor. And it also means a pole weapon user won't be getting engaged, so he can back up and charge again.

Also consider a utility person with a missile weapon in case they are flying to avoid combat.

So this is a squad of four such hunters. They would lead with the two sword men while the crossbow and halberd play back to avoid getting into HTH. Also, they would want a physicker at base camp.

Thug leader 34 pt fighter

ST 14
DX 11(9)
IQ 9

Bastard Swd
Very Fine Dagger (+2 damage) (1+4 in HTH)
Talent: *Toughness x2 (4 cost)
Has sword and dagger in each hand. Thus will not need to chance drawing the dagger when engaged in HTH.

All others: 32 pt Gargoyle Hunter Thugs (limit to $1000 of equipment each)
ST 13
DX 11
fine Halberd (+1 damage)
fine Dagger (+1 damage)


ST 12
DX 12(9)
Chain (-3)
Broad Sword
fine Dagger (+1)
Has sword and dagger in each hand. Thus will not need to chance drawing the dagger when engaged in HTH.


ST 12
DX 11 [14 with crossbow]
IQ 9
No Armor (-1*)

Lt Crossbow (can fire twice a turn)
fine Broad Sword (+1 damage)
fine Dagger (+1 damage)

Skills: Knife(1), Sword(1), Crossbow(1), MissileWeapons(3), Toughness1(2)*


They are not perfect but they fit the bill as group of gargoyle hunting thugs.
Thanks for the suggestion, Axly. A minor error is that the Lt Crossbow only fires once per turn, not twice, since it's a crossbow and not a bow.

I've been skimping on the fine weapons, which can make a difference. I'll think about that.

The issue that remains is that while these folk can take a small number of gargoyles on, it's not clear to me how to reliably find several small bands of gargoyles and make a decent profit. You'd want to find, oh, three to four gargoyles for each fight (fewer is safer, of course, but less profit). Travel time is two to three days to the mountains and back. Figure you stay on the hunt for a week, so that's 11 days or so. A mercenary recruit earns a little over ten bucks a day, so to beat that rate, you'd want to kill nine gargoyles in a week. That could be reasonable, I suppose. You wouldn't be raking in the dough and this is a hanging offense in my world, but it's one you might well get away with.

Hcobb's suggestion of a wizard with calling makes it a lot more profitable at less risk, though there's always a chance of calling one gargoyle in a larger group who follows him to see what's going on. Sitting in a cave works for an effective ambush that nullifies many of the flight advantages of a gargoyle. The IQ 15 wizard could be a beginning character, but this is seedy work for a wizard. Still, one could be found often, especially among the greedy goblins.

I'll make some adjustments to the characters I've drawn up so that they have readied daggers. That sounds like a good idea.

Very helpful.
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