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Originally Posted by larsdangly View Post
I think all quasi-magical powers should be modeled as spells in TFT (unless there is some compelling reason to do it otherwise), as this way you can plug the effect you want to achieve into a fully developed and play tested set of mechanics instead of making up a new set of sub-rules that run along side the standard ones.

In this case, I'd say good solutions are Avert to force them away and some sort of dissolve-enchantment effect to kill them. In principle, I don't see why Remove Thrown Spell wouldn't kill a zombie. It removes any thrown spell, and clearly without a thrown spell running zombies are just piles of bones and goop. Alternatively, you could make up a new spell specific to undead but having similar effects (presumably requiring lower IQ or ST cost because of its limited scope of use)

More generally, I think the best way to model priests is as Hero character types with one or more (but usually not much more) spells.
I 100% agree with the first paragraph and it 100% agrees with the approach I posted earlier in this thread.

The second paragraph agrees at least 50% with my previously posted approach. Maybe 100% but after this comment and Hcobb's earlier comment, I feel I need to ask a question...

How are you guys reading/handling the Avert spell? I'm getting the impression that my reading/handling of Avert differs. I see the Avert spell as pushing the target 2 hexes away. They aren't trying to run away from you for some illogical, magical reason. They are still facing you and trying to come at you but an invisible, magical "hand" pushes them back 2 hexes. Another way of describing how I read/handle it: It's like a Force Push from a Jedi in Star Wars. Therefore, it does not in any way resemble or seem like a good basis for modifying into a "Turn Undead" spell. However, my concept of "Turn Undead" is heavily influenced by old D&D (I think). IIRC, in old D&D, Turn Undead didn't actually make the undead flee from your presence. It just made the undead non-hostile or pay no attention to you. That's the way I remember playing it. Even if my memory is wrong, this is how I prefer to handle it because it's much easier to handle.

I guess I agree 50% with the third paragraph. If you want a "Holy Warrior" all you need to do is give a Hero some "holy spells". If you want a Priest with magical/divine powers, just make him a Wizard with "holy spells". Role-play both appropriately.
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