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Default Re: Opinions on cinematic martial arts skills?

Originally Posted by Michael Thayne View Post
Part of me is tempted to come up with replace them with powers wholesale, as suggested in the "Chi Sorcery" article in Pyramid #3/105.
These things are stuck as skills for historical reasons, because 3e all but forbade learnable advantages, and at least when they were added didn't offer any for less than 5 points, and had no real way to link one to a skill, or anything else that was reasonably improvable and thus would give you some sort of learning progression or sense of characters having different effective levels.

If I were building them now, I'd probably write a lot of them as Cinematic Option or Unique Technique perks. I've never much liked most of them, and in my experience players don't love them either - sometimes because the mechanics are clunky, but more often because they don't really work - as in they fail to model the cool cinematic thing very well, not in the fail the roll too often sense, though sometimes those are interconnected (I'm glaring at you Invisibility Art...).
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