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Default Occultism Theories for a Supernatural Party Responsible?

If and when the PCs get involved in Bloodsport 2: Electric Boogaloo: Caribbean Edition, they'll be there checking out a series of clues to nefarious goings-on, most important of which will be some agents of their Patron (one J.R. Kessler, eccentric billionaire turned funder of supernatural troubleshooters and monster hunters) having gone missing there.

The PCs and their allies will be aware that the resort in question offers a wide range of decadent thrills, though the most obviously outré is the whole fighting pits to the death thing. On the other hand, if they search, they'll find that any kind of extravagance is available to the rich tourists there, including a wide variety of sexual thrills, any drugs imaginable and all sorts of less-than-legal shenanigans.

The PCs and their allies will most likely have theories on what kind of supernatural entity might be staging these fights. What kind of supernatural legendary creature might want humans fighting each other in a no-holds-barred cage match, while an audience of rich and decadent humans bets on it? Or, more generally, be into creating an isle of depraved morality and very expensive thrills?
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